1. cododesign:

    We had a wonderful time in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, meeting with the group behind Fernson Brewing Co. We’ve been working with them for a few months on naming, positioning and branding their new production brewery and were excited to head up there and see the space itself.

    We should have their identity finished in a few weeks and will then move straight into package design and typography design (a first for us!).

    Stay tuned.


  2. Small batch canning tomatoes.


  3. Swimming in tomatoes. 


  4. cododesign:

    A lot of attention has been drawn to the craft whiskey market recently, and for good reason. If you don’t feel like reading a long article about whiskey production, the gist of this piece is that an enormous amount of “craft” whiskey marketed and sold in the US is actually distilled in a…


  5. I’ve been on a reading tear recently, finishing a few of these in a day’s time. 

    'Facing Violence' and 'Animal Farm' are books that I've reread regularly over the last few years. 

    And after hearing many of the book’s case studies on NPR, I finally read ‘Freakonomics.’ It was a fun read and I found myself wishing it were longer.


  6. I skipped work last Thursday to ride the Vandalia bike trail with my dad. It’s a 30 mile trip and I learned a few things about my bike, my dad and myself.

    My bike: I built her up for city riding, and that’s exactly what she’s good for. Riding a single speed with tight fitting fenders on wet gravel and grass for 30 miles is terrible. I need to look into a cyclocross bike if I’m going to keep considering bike camping / longer rides. 

    My dad: My dad’s a badass. He’s 56 and rode the entire trip under the same conditions I did. It’s incredible. 

    Myself: I should’ve brought more water. It was nearly ninety degrees with 80%+ humidity. For the last 6 or 7 miles, we would stop every quarter mile and rest for several minutes. For the last hour, my head was pounding so hard that I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. It was through a combination of sheer stubbornness and the fact that I couldn’t quit until I reached the truck that I was able to complete the ride. 

    All that being said, it was still an enormously fun day with my dad. I don’t get enough of them anymore. 



  8. Was finally able to grow carrots!

    This season, I used felt grow bags and organic potting soil—they’re not huge, but they’re big enough to eat and grow again next year.


  9. Harvested my in-ground potatoes as well and they were equally as dismal as my potato bin. Six rows, and this was all I harvested.

    It’s hard not to plant potatoes early in the season because you’ve spent all winter thinking about gardening and they’re one of the first things you can get in the ground, however, this is my last season of trying to grow them at this property. 

    I just need more sun.


  10. I “harvested” potatoes from my tower experiment today, and goddamn, was it depressing!! I legitimately got 5 potatoes from the entire bin. That was a lot of effort for nearly zero return.

    Other takeaways: there were dozens of worms in the bin that resembled snakes in composition. They were thick and muscular ( versus your standard filmy night crawler ), moved as fast as snakes across the top of the soil and were iridescent in color, not dissimilar from a rubber fishing lure.

    I imagine their color was from the soil I used and am still hoping it was the organic potting soil it claimed to be—not that it even matters with this many potatoes to eat.