1. cododesign:

    We first met Dave and his sons back in 2012 when we helped to brand 450 North Brewing Co. That first project was foundational, ending with a logo and visual identity system. 

    Earlier this year, we were excited when Dave called to have us design packaging for their 4 house beers. We got to dig back into the same Indiana farm aesthetics we explored initially and developed a fun package design system that they can grow into as they continue adding seasonals and specialty beers. 

    As always, head down (or up) to Columbus and try them out. You won’t regret it. 



  2. Work.


  3. Halloween Posters and Sardonic Old Women

    Back during my sophomore year of college, Cody and I heard about the Irvington Halloween Festival Poster competition. There was a cash prize and we agreed to both enter and split our winnings, no matter who placed where. 

    Being from Herron School of Art and Design, we were immersed in Design Thinking and as such, were unable to approach any project just as a “simple design project.” We had to go to Irvington and interview people, research the community’s fun, spooky past and iterate several different options before settling on what would ultimately become our final submissions. 

    Cody turned in a cool Dracula illustration. My contribution was a watermelon into which I carved “Irvington Halloween Festival.” Pumpkins weren’t in season when the poster was due, so I turned the watermelon into a sad jack-o-lantern via photoshop. You should of seen me, I was brilliant—truly one of the best designers in the country by the age of 21. 

    A few weeks passed and we heard the news; Cody had placed 2nd! I assumed that because they had announced the First, Second and Third place posters, that I hadn’t won. Despite this, and true to his word, Cody split his prize money with me. 

    About a week later, I received a phone call from an old, mirthless women letting me know that I had placed 5th. Out of 5 total entries. She called to let me know that I hadn’t won any money and that I had placed last in the competition. 

    I’ve spent the last seven years wrestling with why she would let me know this.


  4. So it goes.


  5. Found a few more treats hiding in the garden while breaking it all down. 


  6. I grew 1 sweet potato this season. One. Potato. 

    I probably should’ve tended the plants better. They had grown 8 feet up my pea trellis and tomato stakes and had spread out almost to my driveway by the time I ripped them out. I figured all that vining wouldn’t leave much energy for producing potatoes themselves, but man, this is a bit disheartening. 


  7. Building.


  8. Doc goes for a ride. Doc likes rides.