1. Started some tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, watermelons and peppers yesterday. 

    Everything went smoothly except this mystery bag of seeds—squash? I saved a lot of heirloom seeds last year and guess this one just got away from me. 


  2. Planted carrots, onions, radishes, peas and bush beans yesterday and it was great to finally get my hands in the dirt. It’s been so rainy the last few weeks that all I could do was outside prep work and seed starting.


  3. Built a gigantic raised bed to contain this year’s sweet potatoes.


  4. I had a great time watching the Drive by Truckers play 6 songs a few weeks ago. 

    I ate at a restaurant before hand and ended up getting food poisoning. And man, did it come out of nowhere. I was standing at the urinal, and BLAM. The two guys on either side of me jumped back, cursing. 

    I yelled sorry while throwing up. It was pretty neat. 


  5. cododesign:

    Here’s one final Dip Truck video before we put this thing to bed. 

    Thanks so much to Tom, Ali, Neal and everyone else who helped us concoct this stupid, elaborate joke.


  6. cododesign:

    Cody and I began dreaming up CODO back in 2008 while we were still in college, and even back in those days, envisioned it leading into additional business opportunities. We talked about opening a nano-brewery. We dreamt up a small sandwich cafe. We even finished a business plan for an artisanal bakery serving only pizza crust, called “Crust.” But the 2008 recession dashed this concept before it ever had a chance to blossom.

    While these early dreams were exciting (and potentially lucrative) we had to shelve many of them to focus on building CODO. But this ended up being a blessing in disguise. After years of offering branding and web design for the food and beverage industry, we discovered a huge opportunity in the food truck arena. Try to name as many Indianapolis food trucks as you can. How high did you get? 10? 20? Now, how many can you name that exclusively serve dip? If you answered any higher than zero, you’re a damned liar. When we realized there were no dip-centric trucks in the Indy food scene, we knew we had the beginnings of a killer idea—Dip Truck®! 

    What began as a key insight quickly morphed into a solid business opportunity. What is Dip Truck®? What isn’t Dip Truck®, is a better place to start. To be clear, it’s not a food truck, per se. It’s a value add. It’s a community. It’s a revolution. It’s a truck that parks behind other food trucks (with their sad, dipless fare) and gives the people what they really want—dip. Pizza? Mac ’n Cheese? Burgers? Tacos? Pho? Doughnuts? All of these are nothing without a dollop of Dip Truck’s® famous Honey-Bacon Ranch. Or perhaps a skosh of our Cucumber-Lime Ranch? This is the future of mobile culinary customization, and we’re humbled to be a part of it.  

    So far, we’ve got the branding locked down (identity, responsive web design, business cards, growler labels, bookmarks, air fresheners, dip flight boards, etc.) and are now dealing with the harsh realities of bootstrapping a food truck startup. A quick craigslist search reveals that food trucks are super expensive. We remain optimistic, weighing our options moving forward (maybe we could use Kickstarter to engage the community?). And while we don’t want to go this route, we’ve also considered the possibility of purchasing a more affordable “phase 1” Dip Van—maybe a reliable and spacious Ford Windstar. A Dipstar?

    Stay tuned as Dip Truck® unfolds and thank you all for your support!

    Follow along at




    So proud to be a part of this startup!


  7. Got in a quick 4 mile hike at Ft. Ben yesterday. Beautiful, cold day.


  8. Got all the soil in my garden amended and turned over last weekend. Ready for planting peas, beans, potatoes and onions this weekend.

    Here we go!


  9. Built a few trellises to compliment my raised beds. These’ll be used for peas in the beginning of the season and pole beans through the summer.


  10. I bought a small greenhouse from Lowe’s a few years ago and aside from the shitty plastic casters it came with, it’s been one of the best gardening purchases I’ve ever made.

    I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years, but finally managed to build a heavy duty dolly out of scrap studs and purchased #80 casters. Now, I can move it around to follow the sun with no problem.