1. The final big batch of work for this season’s garden was getting my irrigation system set up. Like last year, I’m using a 4-way brass valve in conjunction with a timer and soaker hoses. This is a great low-cost system and has made a huge difference in my yields.

    And and even better, it makes gardening much more enjoyable. 5 or 6 years ago when I was just starting out, I let a few gardens get away from me, primarily from not watering them. When it’s one hundred degrees out and you have to hand-water an enormous plot, you have to be reeeeally damn motivated to keep up with it. And that doesn’t even include weeding and mosquitoes.

    Now that this is taken care of, I can concentrate on my favorite gardening chore—drinking beer and watching everything grow.

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    Brilliant! I wonder if I could figure a way to do this with greywater and rain barrels?
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